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Discover and Live Your Abundant Life

At Living Waters Overflow, my MISSION is to move the world away from sickness and survival, and towards WELLNESS and THRIVING

I can equip YOU with personalized solutions to take control of your health, and 

empower YOU to discover and live your abundant life.

It would be my honor to serve you!

-June D'cruz, RN, Certified Health and Life Coach

Founder, Living Waters Overflow    

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I offer 1:1 and group coaching programs to help busy, stressed, anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed individuals accomplish the following:

  • Slow down;
  • Reduce stress;
  • Honor your health;
  • Boost energy;
  • Regain motivation and passion for life;
  • Make positive behavior and mindset shifts;
  • Have lasting solutions!

With my programs, you will experience the right system, support and accountability to achieve your desired health and lifestyle transformation!

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My name is June, and I am passionate about living a healthy, fulfilled, and an abundant life! 

As a Certified Health and Life Coach, as well as a Registered Nurse for 20+ years, I LOVE being able to combine my clinical background and experience with transformational coaching tools!

The result is helping people achieve their optimal health, and life!

Everyday, I live the abundant and extraordinary life which God has intended for me, and my hope and vision for YOU is to live YOUR abundant and extraordinary life which God has intended for you too!

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"I am amazed and blown away by how much has changed in my life since beginning the coaching process with June. In just one session, I already began to feel a transformation begin within me. With June's kind and compassionate guidance, I've learned to take meaningful steps in my life for positive growth. I recommend her with my whole heart." - Renee P., 90-Day Total Transformation Program

"Since beginning my sessions with Coach June, I feel like I have better direction on how to live a more healthy and stress reduced lifestyle.  June has given me the tools to address and overcome barriers in my life that have hindered my physical and mental health." - Jeremy M., 90-Day Total Transformation Program

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Working with Me is PERFECT For YOU if You Desire:

  • Greater joy, and fulfillment in your health;
  • Clarity, peace of mind and direction in the areas of your life where you feel most stuck;
  • Behavior and mindset shifts which propel you towards your most optimal heath and highest self; 
  • Loving support, encouragement and accountability to achieve your health and lifestyle goals;
  • Unleashing your potential and maximizing YOU!

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